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This is a place where our valued have expressed their appreciation for Anthony's Auto Service.


In a world that's so pessimistic, it's refreshing to hear a good word now and then.


If you would like to leave a good word for us, feel free to email us your referral and we will include it here. Thank you.

Tauni A. of Portland, Oregon writes:


Our car broke down while passing through a couple hours from home, so we had to leave it behind. No one in the area was open that day. I called Anthony up on Monday and asked him to fetch the car and see what repairs it needed.

He towed it to his shop that very day and it was all fixed in just a couple days. Decent rates, but what I really appreciated was his professionalism and service.

Vince W. of Napavine, Washington writes:


In the 75 years that I have been driving a car, I have learned that the newer cars are not designed for the "Back Yard Mechanic" to work on anymore. I've also learned that the dealer mechanics are not what they claim to be - they have to make money for the dealer. It seems they do not even try to repair cars any more, they just replace the whole assembly. In contrast, Anthony fixes it.



I found that many years ago I actually saved money by trusting small family-owned businesses that built their business by word-of-mouth advertising. If you stop to think about it, if a Mechanic does a lousy job on your car and a friend asked where would be a good place to take your car to get it fixed, I am sure you would not tell that friend to go to the mechanic that did not fix your car right.



I have been doing business with Anthony now for several years. As I am now in the twilight years of my life I depend on him to do everything on my vehicles to keep them running right. Anthony has my permission to give my phone number to any one who is interested in getting the work done right. -Vince

Jeff M. of Chehalis, WA writes:


I always used to do my own work on my vehicles, but after an injury it became very difficult. Still, I had a very hard time trusting anyone to take the same care as I would take in working on the car that would carry me and my loved ones down the often dangerous highways. Several years ago Anthony was recommended to me as a mechanic and while I was skeptical I decided to give him a chance, and am I ever glad I did. Anthony treats me like he would family - he fixes my cars with integrity and honesty.


It is an unfortunate fact that it's hard to find an honest, hard working service provider these days. It seems everyone just wants to make a quick buck, but I cannot emphasize enough that that's not what you're going to find with Anthony's Auto Service. He fixes it right the first time and he's fair about it. It's one less thing I have to worry about. Just be sure to call first for an appointment, as Anthony gets busy sometimes.


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